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Pumpkin seeds—also known as pepitas—are flat, dark green seeds.Pumpkin seeds have a malleable, chewy texture and a subtly sweet, nutty flavor. Pumpkin seeds have long been valued as a source of the mineral zinc, and the World Health Organization recommends their consumption as a good way of obtaining this nutrient.

 Rich in Magnacium:

Magnesium is necessary for more than 600 chemical reactions in the body. Adequate levels of magnesium are important for: Controlling blood pressure. Reducing heart disease risk. Forming and maintaining healthy bones. Regulating blood sugar levels

 Good for Prostate Health :

Pumpkin protect against prostate cancer, but it’s also great for prostate health in general.Long used as a folk medicine for prostate health, pumpkin seed oil reduces the size of an enlarged prostate, especially in the instance of benign prostatic hyperpl

 High in Antioxidants :

Pumpkin seeds contain antioxidants like carotenoids and vitamin -E .Antioxidants can reduce inflammation and protect your cells from harmful free radicals.

 Improve Heart Health :

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc and fatty acids, all of which may help keep your heart healthy.

 Lower Blood Sugar Levels :

Pumpkin Seed can reduce blood sugar. This is especially important for people with diabetes, who may struggle to control their blood sugar levels.

 Rich in Zinc for Immune Support :

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc (one ounce contains more than 2 mg of this beneficial mineral). Zinc is important to your body in many ways, including immunity, cell growth and division, sleep, mood, your senses of taste and smell, eye and skin he


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