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Green Aura Six Seed Mix 200G


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Green Aura introducing a new power-packed snack Green Aura Six Seed Mix, loaded with the recommended daily requirements of fiber, protein, and other nutritional elements. A crunchy mixture of ingredients that are high in protein full of the goodness of perfectly roasted seeds balanced mixture and a pinch of rock salt to feature to its taste.

six seed mix sets a better value of food for gym freaks and fitness enthusiasts. one among the primary products which are specially curated for meeting the daily requirement of protein and boosting the health of the body. Extremely high in fibre which aids in digestion and also, this product is natural with no additives.

 Great as a snack too

 Heart Health

An excellent source of Protein

Good source of Zinc

 Digestive Health 

Green Aura six seed mix is often consumed directly as a munching snack or is often added to soups, salads as a garnish.
It also can be added to smoothies or thick shakes and is suggested to consume post-workout.


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